Keep Them Safe - Child Trafficking
(Social Campaign, Digital Interaction, UI & Print)
Child traffickers in the UK, use psychological manipulation as the primary means of control for children or young adults. This campaign idea evolves around various public spaces where most families & children can be found; such as playgrounds, fairs or temporary markets.
Campaign concept
By nature, family is entitled to protection, care and safety for the society. Hence, General Assembly formally recognises family as the basic building block of a civilised society. However, due to child trafficking rapidly increasing, affected families have been feeling devastated. The aim is to potentially collaborate with UK’s Modern Slavery who looks after Trafficking and abuse to initiate a campaign. Using very short, catchy phrases and bright coloured posters, put up all around London, targeting all adults, they can scan the provided QR code to quickly connect with Modern Slavery if they see something suspicious, even if it isn’t their child.
Website Features
The website acts as the main reason to help stop child trafficking. It is targeted at all those who consider themselves to be the building blocks of the society or want to help bring change. The website aims to encourage public involvement and persuade people to download the app, to try it out themselves. 
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